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Established in 1999, Maragas Winery is the founding winery and vineyard of Central Oregon. Our mission is to make old world hand crafted barrel aged wine that is unique to our style and exemplifying complex flavor. Much of our wine making techniques were handed down generation to generation in the Maragas family. Anna Maragas, the mentor of Doug Maragas - founder of this winery - coached Doug on old world winemaking techinques starting when Doug was a child. Anna founded the first Maragas wine and grape brokering business in 1941. And, Anna learned her techniques and understanding of the wine and viticultural industry via her parents and so on, in Crete, Greece, where the family vineyard still exists.

Along with our old world techniques, we're very conscience of preserving the new world. We focus on farming organically and being as environmentally friendly as possible. You may notice that we don't use capsules over the necks of our bottles. We do this because capsules have no preservation uses for wine and are not recyclable. Next, what you may not know is that the "corks" we use are the first zero carbon footprint "cork" and are actually made out of sugar cane. Finally, we have a solar array that powers a substantial part of our operation here at Maragas Winery. In all, we strive to play our part in keeping our winemaking environment sustainable for generations to come.